~Single buckle orders of $500 or more come w/ complimentary heirloom box w/your brand or initials ~

Build Your Ranger Buckle Set


Description/Instructions (See current lead time, posted on second image):

Customize your two- or three-piece belt buckle set - (see information below for filling out drop-down boxes - feel free to email with any questions or if you want something different than the options shown). 

If you spend $500 or more on a single buckle set, it will come in a complimentary handcrafted display box that is engraved with the same brand, logo, or initials that we put on your buckle). See last picture for examples.

Choose your buckle shape - A picture of each available buckle shape, with measurements, is shown in the third picture. Buckles fit 1.5" or 1" width belts. Choose from drop-down box.

Style of Metal for buckle sides - Examples and descriptions are shown in the fourth picture. Also see VIDEO LINKS BELOW to see more examples.

Metal to use for buckle sides - Examples of the metal choices (nickel, copper, brass, sterling silver) are in the fifth picture.

Metal for your brand or initials on buckle - You can select the same or a different metal for your brand/initials than what you selected for the sides of the buckle.

Background around brand - Optional. You can opt to add engraved scrollwork or a basketweave pattern to the area around your brand. If basketweave is selected, it will also be engraved on the keeper, unless otherwise requested. Examples in sixth picture. 

Keeper information - Keepers are steel with engraved scrollwork. If you want the steel front covered with another metal before engraving, that option is available in the drop-down box and is an additional cost. If you want a steel keeper with initials or other small motif, that option is also available in the drop-down box and is no additional cost. 

Hardware for buckle - We offer the buckles with a traditional tongue, or you can also select a hook instead. See seventh picture for images.

Border Style - Buckles come standard with an engraved line border. On Plain Jane style buckles ONLY, you may choose to add an inlaid silver border around the edge of the buckle and keeper. You can also add a twisted rope border to your buckle and keeper. 

Optional: Add a Tip to make a 3-Piece Ranger Set -  We offer the option of a buckle, keeper and belt tip 3-piece ranger set. 

Other Information - Please provide here any initials or other information we need to complete the buckle. Brand or logo pictures/drawings will have to be emailed to us. There is no capability to attach pictures here.  Email pictures to bluegrassengraving@gmail.com