New buckle orders ship between May 6th-20th ~ Updated time frames are posted as spots fill up

Build Your Segmented Steel Ranger Buckle Set



Customize your two- or three-piece belt buckle set (see information below for filling out drop-down boxes - feel free to call or email ( with any questions or if you want something different than the options shown. See other buckle listings for other styles as well).

Spend $500 or more on a single buckle set, and it will come in a complimentary handcrafted display box that is engraved with the same brand, logo, or initials that we put on your buckle. Wood species will vary.

Box 1 - Lead Time: The estimated time frame your order will be completed and shipped. A shipping notification will be emailed to the email address on the order during this time period when your item is ready to mail.

Box 2 - Buckle Shape: A picture of each available buckle shape, with measurements, is shown in the third picture. Buckles fit 1.5" or 1" width belts. Choose from drop-down box. 

Box 3 - Metal for Buckle Sides: Fourth picture. Choose the metal you want to be overlaid and engraved on the steel buckle. Choose from nickel, copper, brass, or sterling silver. Nickel is the hardest of these metals and holds up well to everyday wear. Jewelers brass is the next hardest and resembles 14K yellow gold. Copper is softer metal and develops a rich-hued patina, or can be polished for a bright coppery look. Sterling silver is also a softer metal and a precious metal. It shines up a bit brighter than nickel, but also requires polishing to remove oxidation. 

Box 4 - Metal for Brand/Initials on Buckle: You can opt for the same metal as the buckle sides, or a different metal to have a contrasting look. Brand pictures/drawings must be emailed to We will send a mock-up of your brand design before it's cut out to allow for any changes or adjustments. If you send a clean, well-defined image, we will cut directly from this with no need to mock-up, unless otherwise requested. Scrollwork design is drawn directly onto the pieces at the time of engraving and are not included on mock-ups. 

Box 5 - Background around Brand: Fifth picture.  Optional. You can opt to add engraved scrollwork or a basketweave pattern to the area around your brand. If basketweave is selected, it will also be engraved on the keeper, unless otherwise requested.

Box 6 - Keeper Information: Keepers are steel with engraved scrollwork. If you want the steel front covered with another metal before engraving, that option is available in the drop-down box and is an additional cost. If you want a steel keeper with initials or other small motif (cross, state silhouette, etc.) that option is also available in the drop-down box and is no additional cost. Provide initials/motif requested in Other Information box. 

Box 7 - Keeper Shape - Your choice of Rectangular or Bourbon Barrel. Shown in sixth image.

Box 8 - Hardware for Buckle: We offer the buckles with a traditional tongue, or you can also select a hook instead. 

Box 9 - Optional: Add a Belt Tip: Complete your buckle set with a metal tip. Choose corresponding or contrasting metal overlay to compliment your buckle.

Box  10- Other Information: Click the box to type any initials or other information we need to complete the buckle set. Brand/logo pictures or simple drawings will have to be emailed to us. There is no capability to attach when ordering. Please email pictures to