Custom order for Peanutt


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Custom order as per conversation:

  • Silver show steer pendant, engraved with monogram style initials (N D M), similar to that shown in second picture ($60)
  • (2) Nickel dip cans ($125/ea): #1 - Firefighter cross with initials DNS in center, as per sketch (last image)  #2 - Dip can similar to that in third picture, but with MCF brand instead of TK initials
  • Hammered silver cuff, 1" width, brass MCF brand ($119)
  • Hammered silver cuff, 1" width, brass overlaid tree of life in center (fourth image), brass overlaid lettering Sandling on left, and brass overlaid Est. 1762 on right ($150)
  • Ready to ship between 11/15-11/30