Plain Jane Western Ranger Belt Buckle, 2 or 3-Piece Set

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Please type any necessary information for us to complete your order. Please EMAIL clear brand picture or simple hand drawn sketch to (cannot attach pic here).

How to order:

            Box 1:  Make your selection for a 2-piece (buckle and keeper) or 3-piece (buckle, keeper, and tip) ranger buckle set

            Box 2: Select the shape of your buckle (see choices 1-6 in last picture. Buckle sizes are written on buckles in this picture. Buckles are made to fit a 1.5” belt.)


            Box 3: Metal overlay for brand – choose the metal for your brand (nickel, brass, copper, or sterling silver) and keeper, if having something overlaid on it.  Plain Jane style buckles have NO metal overlay on the sides. The scrollwork is engraved directly into the steel.


            Box 4: Use this box to provide the initials or overlay description for the buckle and/or keeper, and any other information you’d like us to have for your buckle. If you’re having a brand put on the buckle, you’ll need to email the picture or drawing to us (


            Box 5: Information for Keeper – Plain Jane buckles come with steel keepers engraved with scrollwork.  If you would rather have something overlaid (initials, a cross, a star, etc.), make your selection here. If the motif you want isn't shown, or you need to specify initials, you can type this information in Box 3.

          Box 6: Hardware for Buckle:  Tongue or Hook

            Box 7: OPTIONAL – Our standard buckles come engraved with gun style scrollwork. Choose this option if you want to add relief engraved scrollwork (more of the background material is cut away, which makes the scrollwork “pop,” and stand out more).


            Box 8: OPTIONAL – Choose this option if you would like to add engraved scrollwork to the area on the buckle behind your brand or initials.


            Box 9: OPTIONAL – If this is a gift and you want to personalize it with an engraved message on the back of the buckle to your recipient, click this box and type in the message in the space provided.


Email us if you need help, or have any questions!


Subdued and quietly classic, the Plain Jane belt buckle and keeper set is for the person whose taste runs to the understated strength of this style. This belt buckle is hand-fabricated from sturdy steel, and unlike our other buckles, the engraved scroll work is carved directly into the steel. Your brand or initials are the only metal overlay on this buckle style, carefully hand sawed from your choice of sterling silver, copper, brass or nickel.