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The Maverick, Two-Piece Buckle Set, Solid Nickel, Rubies


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This sharp two-piece buckle set, hand cut and fabricated from thick nickel sheet, is set to impress. Ready for your brand and will ship in one week:

  • You will receive the buckle set shown
  • Fits 1.5" width standard belt, buckle measures approx  3.25" tall x 3.75" across
  • Solid nickel buckle and keeper
  • Hand engraved scrollwork
  • Keeper features two, 2mm lab-grown rubies
  • Buckle features six, 3mm lab-grown rubies - lab-grown stones have the exact same composition as naturally mined stones
  • Stones shown in picture have not been set since brand has to be soldered on. Will look similar to those in keeper when set.
  • Area around brand will be textured after brand or initials added.